Hasan has been developing responsive and beautiful websites with Community Coders.

Hasan Altaf is currently a grade 12 student in Vancouver, Canada. Outside of school, he plays soccer and works on some freelancing projects.

Hasan already knew some basic code before he met Community Coders. To test his fundamental knowledge, we decided to challenge him to creating a real business' website: www.harmonydesignhomes.com

A Community Coders Learn Alumni, Hasan is now freelancing during his busy school career. We're here to catch up with him and to feature a hard working individual.

“From Community Coders, I developed a sense of confidence in my code which motivated me to pursue bigger projects outside of a classroom setting.”

Hasan Altaf
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Learn More About Hasan:

What is your purpose in life?

"In any activity I pursue, I strive to create a positive change and add value to the lives of others."

What do you want to be when you grow up?

"I aspire to work in the financial technology sector and integrate artificial intelligence into financial planning. I want to ensure that quality and objective financial planning services are available to everyone regardless of their current financial situation. Artificial intelligence is able to do this as it can analyze millions of data points and determines the most advantageous way to arrange and invest your finances."

How are you looking to achieve your mission? What are you going to do to achieve it?

"I will be studying Business and Computer Science in my post-secondary studies."

Were we able to help out with your mission?

"Community Coders provided me with the building blocks to develop my confidence and skills in front-end web development."

What were some things going on before you enrolled in our program?

"I was nervous coming in as I was afraid that I would be judged on my coding ability. Fortunately, this was not the case and the Community Coders Education Team fostered a positive learning environment where everyone felt included regardless of their prior coding knowledge."

Looking back what did you learn?

"From the class, I developed a sense of confidence in my code which motivated me to pursue bigger projects outside of a classroom setting.I developed the skills and confidence required to start my freelancing journey and create quality websites in a short time-frame."
How have you started your freelancing journey?

"I have started my freelancing journey by developing a website for an aspiring motivational speaker in my community."

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